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          무료 룰렛 게임

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          Oxford Forum
          Lucid dreaming
          Charles McCreery
          무료 룰렛 게임
          IPR founders

          무료 룰렛 게임

          Celia Green is a philosopher and psychologist, best known for her pioneering research on perceptual phenomena such as lucid dreams, and for philosophical and social commentaries such as The Human Evasion.

          In 1998 Dr Green founded Oxford Forum, an association of independent academics, to oppose increasing ideological bias in mainstream academia, and to be a centre for the expression of dissenting ideas in philosophy, psychology and other academic fields.



          Dr Green currently holds no salaried academic position, a situation her associates regard as anomalous and unjust. One of the aims of Oxford Forum is to reinstate her in the academic world.


          Dr Green’s position as unsalaried academic may be regarded as an illustration of what can happen to the very clever in a world ideologically hostile to the idea of innate ability. A child prodigy, she fell foul of a state education system that would not permit her to take exams before a certain age, and of an unsympathetic college when she was at Oxford.


          In spite of her pioneering work in psychology, carried out as part of her attempt to be readmitted to academia, neither Oxford nor any other university has offered her a remunerated position.



          Oxford Forum’s aim is to expand into an independent college cum research institute which would generate and publish research in several areas including the psychology of perception, economics, and philosophy.


          Oxford Forum is seeking potential patrons to provide funding for its activities. It is also looking for additional associates to help with its expansion plans.



          This website gives further details about Dr Green’s life and aims, information about Oxford Forum, together with information for potential supporters and co-workers. There is also a selection of Dr Green’s writings on a variety of subjects.

          Charles McCreery DPhil
          Christine Fulcher BSc
          Fabian Wadel DPhil

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